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Dogs are capable of learning and understanding many human words. Training consists of you vocalizing the command you are trying to teach your dog, while showing your dog how you want him to respond to that particular command (word or signal). The following list consists of some of the more common words you should be able to teach your dog.

  1. ANH-UH - I wouldn't do that if I were you. (Use this in place of 'NO' as the dog is beginning his unwanted behavior. Help him to behave correctly, then praise lots.

  2. NO - Permission denied. NO, you cannot do that. Never do that again!

  3. OKAY - Permission granted. Release word. You may get up, go out, go play...

  4. GOOD DOG - Approval from the top. THE most important tool an owner has.

  5. SIT - Plant your rump.

  6. STAY - Freeze.

  7. HEEL - Walk at my left side. Do not lag back or forge ahead or sniff the ground.

  8. COME - Run or trot to me and sit in font of and facing me.

  9. DOWN - Lie down

  10. STAND - Stand with all four feet on the floor/ground.

  11. GO - Move away or away in the direction in which I am pointing.

  12. ENOUGH - Whatever you are doing was okay, but I've changed my mind and now I want you to stop it. (As opposed to NO, which means whatever you are doing is unacceptable and should never be done).

  13. OVER - Jump over an object. (Some people use HUP or JUMP).

  14. OUT - can mean the great outdoors as in, 'Do you want to go OUT?' Also used for getting the dog to give up what he has retrieved or as a reprimand.


  16. SPEAK - Bark.

  17. TAKE IT - Take this object in your mouth.

  18. WAIT - Do not cross the street, leave the park, rush out the door, etc., until I say so.

  19. OFF - Get off or leave it.

  20. BED - Go to your bed or crate.

  21. EASY - Settle, don't get so worked up; your play is too rough at this time.

  22. GIVE - Release the item in your mouth, but do not drop it on the ground.

  23. DROP IT - Drop whatever you have in your mouth.

  24. MOVE - Move to a different spot, any place but where you are now.

  25. SLEEP - Lie down on your side.

  26. HERE - Join me (as opposed to 'come'.)